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Password Management

Password management is becoming very important because weak passwords or passwords reused at different places is becoming a big risk.  Hackers are breaking into web sites to get passwords because those passwords are reused different places.  Is your bank account password the same as your Facebook or game site password?  It is impossible for anyone to remember complicated passwords that are different for each web site.  The solution is to use a password vault.

A completely free product, KeePass, is very useful for storing passwords.  It has a password generator and a comments section for each entry.  It can run from a USB drive and has a load of features and plugins, such as an automatic web login for web sites and uses a high level of encryption.  It can be used to save all sorts of passwords such as web sites, ATM codes, software licenses, and even a bike lock code.  Of course you will still need to remember a password to open KeePass but that is better than trying to remember many or reusing passwords in different places.

The only problems I came across is using passwords that are too long.  If a web site only accepts a 12 character password and a 20-character password is pasted during registration you may not be aware only 12 characters were accepted and future logins may fail.  Just remove one charachter at a time until it works.  A long password also crashed Quicken when setting up password vault protection.

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