Credit Reports

Credit reports should be reviewed for accuracy from time to time.  Don’t ignore small errors or unpaid debts no matter how small.  Negative information may result in higher interest rates for credit cards, loans and mortgages.  It could also take months to clear up a mistake.


When requesting the free reports be sure not sign up for other services by mistake.  For instance, credit monitoring services include a monthly fee.  The 3-credit report services compile the information from the three bureas.  If there is an error it is best to request all three directly from each of the bureaus to try to see where the errors originate. 


-The three credit reporting bureaus must provide one free credit report per year, whenever corrections are made, or if credit is denied:


Equifax free credit report request:


Transunion Free Credit Report Request:


Experian Free Credit Report Request:  “To confirm your eligibility and request your free or discounted copy delivered by U.S. mail, please call 866 200 6020” (or pay $15 online)

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